There are only 5 years left to preserve our planet for all future generations

The first step to tackling this challenge is awareness

We develop campaigns and educational material so that people not only see the problem, but also understand what to do and why it's so important and urgent to act.

Who we are

We are a (nonprofit) creative agency dedicated to promoting sustainable development.

Our goal is to support the transition to a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Therefore we create information products and advertisements in the field of sustainability.

In order to craft the most effective campaigns we connect and collaborate with scientists as well as great designers and artists around the world.

Biggest challenge in human history

There is clear evidence that due to the anthropogenic impact on the environment we influence Earth's delicate ecosystems to such an extent that it causes severe effects and poses a real existential threat to the human race. Here are some facts to name but a few:

417 ppm

CO2 in the atmosphere
highest level in human history
[steadily increasing]

+ 1.02°C

Increase in global temperature
vs. 1900s average
[rising trend]

- 40.04%

Today's arctic ice areas.
historical average
[increasing speed]


Soccer pitches of forest lost every hour [after decreasing, now on the rise again]

In order to stay below the 1.5 ° of the Paris climate agreement, emissions should be falling by now, but they are still rising. Passing this threshold could cause a cascade of tipping points where multiple earth systems go past the point of no return resulting in irreversible and disastrous climate change.

If there is a solution it starts with awareness, here is why:

Over 10,000 scientists agree that to avoid the collapse of our ecosystems, we need a change of direction. To understand, accept and implement this change, people first of all need to know about the situation, comprehend the importance of acting and also know what to do.

With joint effort we can create a transformation by design, instead of letting it happen by disaster and at the same time being better off than before. But we must act now.
Therefore, it is fundamental that the majority of the population is encouraged to be part of this transformation:

  • Behavioral change alone could lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 25%
  • Citizens will back politics which will be pushed and encouraged to create the framework needed.
  • People will be more open to change and willing to accept different realities.
  • Due to changing consumer behavior, decision-makers will adopt more sustainable systems e.g. circular economy.

Through this interplay between politics, economy and society the transformation will gain momentum in the right direction. This is our only chance and that’s why awareness measures and education are of crucial importance.

But to date, this potential has not been fully or effectively exploited and humans mostly appear to continue with their current habits, practices and lifestyles also in the face of the knowledge of their potentially disastrous consequences.
There is a lot of information out there already, but the way it is communicated more often than not causes resistance and doesn’t reach enough of the right people at all. This results in the opposite effect: people become more and more polarized and start to shut down.

Why do so many people ignore, deny, give in or still not even know what it’s all about? With the answers to these questions we forge the instruments to craft valuable solutions.

The solutions we offer

We offer awareness campaigns and information products using applied methods of advertising and change management combined with the possibility of product- and brand placement.

"Just as commercial advertising persuades people to buy products they don't need, we use the same methods, strategies and channels to promote products and lifestyles which enhance behavior in favour of personal and planetary health."

Conventional campaigns

Out-of-Home Media, print publications and radio

Internet publications

Social Media management and Influencer


Combining the message with great products

Didactic Materials

Presentations and brochures for environmental education

"We aim to spread the message about the climate crisis around the globe and unite the population to tackle the biggest challenge in human history together. Across borders and despite different realities, everyone should know what they can do within their capabilities and see it as logical to take responsability and act accordingly to save our planet rather than destroy it."

The benefits for our partners

Govermental- and Intergovermental Organistions, NGOs and Public Autorities

We provide ready-to-go and highly effective environmental campaigns. This makes it easy for you to simply outsource and be part of a bigger plan to save our planet.


  • Support and acceptance by general public of necessary decisions to meet climate protection goals
  • Motivated, happier and more proactive optimistic population
  • More united and balanced population with a greater sense of self responsibility

Companies, Corporations, Organisations and Assosations

We create combined advertising- and awareness campaigns incorporating your message in our campaigns, thereby generating [creating] valuable synergies and lowering the cost of advertising.
(product- and brand placement)


  • Affordable advertising for sustainable businesses
  • Increase in sales
  • Image enhancement
  • More loyal customers and employees
  • Ideal contribution for CSR

Schools, Institutions and Municipialities

“All in one” ready-to-teach packages for different stages and grades containing presentations and “teach the teacher” training material. Clearly structured, easily understandable and perfectly organized content.


  • Simple and organized way of integrating the topic of sustainability into the syllabus
  • The “teach the teacher” training material makes it easy for everyone to get started and to present right away
  • Opportunity for branding

This not only gives you the opportunity to invest in the future of our planet, but it also pays off for your organisation. Thus we create a win-win-win situation for nature, organisation and every single person.

How we do it

When it comes to awareness of sustainability, it is first of all fundamental to take several aspects into consideration:

The information needs to not only reach the majority of the population, but it has to really sink in and work from inside out. Once the scale of the threat on the one hand and the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle on the other hand have been truly understood and grasped, people will gradually begin to adapt their behavior to a more sustainable lifestyle.

So, it is of enormous importance that people first of all are aware of the problem and the many great existing solutions and possibilities that are already out there. But what really counts, is that people not only understand, but also implement them on a daily basis. Moreover, it has to happen on a massive scale and immediately.

We believe that mankind has to do everything within its power to save our planet. There is great potential in communication and to a large extent this has still not been exploited. This is what really drives us and so our mission is to most effectively utilize this potential.

Our approach

To meet this challenge we have created the core of Globaviva on a framework composed of four steps:

  • Collecting data: we collect and analyze scientific data as well as solutions and best practices from around the globe.
  • Creating campaigns: in collaboration with a international network of experts in the field of design, art, marketing and advertising, as well as neuroscience and psychology, we create highly effective campaigns based on this data.
  • Organizing the financing: we cluster together similar stakeholders and assign them to the most relevant campaigns in the different regions thereby generating real added value.
  • Running these campaigns: we plan, coordinate and run the campaigns on different channels, adapting to different cultures and target groups while also applying a continuous improvement process.

Underlying methodology


What is the situation and what exactly is the problem and its cause.
[Realizing the house is on fire. Fear makes us sit up and listen.]


Clear call to action about what precisely everyone can do.
[Knowing what we can do gives us hope and allows us to take the right action.]


What happens if we follow the call to action and what if we don’t.
[Being aware of the consequences allows us to understand that it's worth some effort and by far better to act than to ignore.]

Thanks for reading :)

Let's get started, time is running out!

There is no planet B and probably no habitable planets around the corner. So it makes sense to invest something in the protection of our truly amazing planet.

Connect with us


Currently we are in the startup phase and about to form our team and set up our network.

Based in the northern Alps of Italy we aim to collaborate with a number of partners and associates operating on a global scale.

Work with us: Whether you are a creative head, an adman*woman or passionate about sustainability, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


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