The Globaviva project has been initiated by Norbert Hofmann with the purpose to promote a balance between the modern lifestyle and sustainability.

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by Evoplant di Norbert Hofmann
Phone: +39 0472 055851

Company legal name and registration
Legal name: Evoplant di Norbert Hofmann *
Owner and Managing Director: Norbert Hofmann

Registration number: HFMNBR72H13B160S05.04.2016
Registration date: 05.04.2016
Camera di Commercio di Bolzano, Registro delle Imprese
VAT Number: 02914280215

Bank details:
Name of bank: Banca Popolare dell’Alto Adige SpaIBAN: IT82 U058 5658 2200 7057 1325 934BIC: BPAAIT2BBREOwner of account: Evoplant di Norbert Hofmann
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* We are a startup currently in the validation stage. This onlinepage is a "minimum viable product".
Company name and category will be changed to Globaviva as soon we start operational business.